16 Packages by freewil

  • bitcoin Communicate with bitcoind via JSON-RPC
  • connect-dwolla-webho... connect middleware to verify dwolla webhook requests
  • espeak text-to-speech using espeak cli program
  • express-form Form validation and data filtering for Express
  • fedach Parse FedACH Directory File Format
  • fixr Create data fixtures for testing projects
  • gpg GPG encryption and decryption in node.js by way of the gpg command-line tool
  • hkp-client Search and fetch keys from public key servers
  • idonethis send iDoneThis message via cli
  • litecoin-address litecoin address verification
  • scmp safe, constant-time string-comparison
  • sdata-crypto secure (encrypt) data using keys derived from user passwords
  • stemplate Takes a string, a object hash and replaces every matching placeholder with the value from the object hash
  • tor-exits Deal with Tor exit nodes
  • tor-exits-redis Maintain set of tor exit nodes in redis and run checks against it
  • yesp Node One Time Password library, supports HOTP, TOTP and works with Google Authenticator