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This simply uses the eSpeak cli program to generate wav audio data from text strings. You can then use the raw binary data to output to a file, send as a http download, get as a base64-encoded data URI string, or whatever else.


$ npm install espeak


var espeak = require('espeak');
// optionally set the path to the `espeak` cli program if it's not in your PATH 
//espeak.cmd = '/usr/bin/espeak'; 
espeak.speak('hello world', function(err, wav) {
  if (err) return console.error(err);
  // get the raw binary wav data 
  var buffer = wav.buffer;
  // get a base64-encoded data URI 
  var dataUri = wav.toDataUri();
// optionally add custom cli arguments for things such as pitch, speed, wordgap, etc. 
espeak.speak('hello world, slower', ['-p 60', '-s 90', '-g 30'], function(err, wav) {});

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There are some related modules, although there seems to be some scattered forks and it wasn't clear to the author which was updated and/or compatible with Node.js/npm at the time of writing this.