15 Packages by filirom1

  • aur Archlinux AUR cli
  • css-b64-images Base64 images in your css
  • dibigrator A database migration tools using plain SQL scripts.
  • findup Walk up ancester's dir up to root
  • google-image-search Download Images from Google Image in nodejs
  • logdunum Put your entire cluster's log on a MongoDB to get the full story of what happens in your app !
  • no-build-conf Stop configuring your assets pipeline. Everything is in the HTML. The build script just read your index.html.
  • npm2arch Convert NPM package to a PKGBUILD for ArchLinux
  • npm2aur Sync AUR with NPM packages
  • serve-filirom1 Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect
  • spaseo Make your Single Page Web Application (SPA) readable by Search Engines (SEO). Only works with pushState.
  • stripcolorcodes Remove color codes (special characters) with nodejs
  • sysstat A parser around sar (sysstat) to monitor performance statistics.
  • universal-jst Pre-compiled JavaScript Templates
  • watch-connect A connect/express middleware that force browsers to reload when the server detects file changes.