Make your Single Page Web Application (SPA) readable by Search Engines (SEO). Only works with pushState.


Scrapp your Single Page Web Application (SPA) for Search Engine (SEO).

Like jekyll, it will generate a static version of your website for people (or search engine) that do not interpret javascript.

$ npm install -g spaseo
Usage: spaseo [INPUT_DIR] [OUTPUT_DIR]

    --inputdir, -i     directory containings the pushState web-application               $CWD
    --outputdir, -o    directory where the cached pushState webapp will be written to    $CWD/build
    --verbose, -v      print log                                                         true
$ spaseo example/in example/out/

analyse: http://localhost:3000/
analyse: http://localhost:3000/toto
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/fries
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/potatoe
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/fries/p1
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/fries/p2
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/fries/p3
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/tomatoes
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/potatoe/p1
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/potatoe/p2
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/potatoe/p3
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/tomatoes/p1
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/tomatoes/p2
analyse: http://localhost:3000/search/tomatoes/p3
For SEO serve example/out

Use with the -P option.