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  • benchmark-octane2 Octane benchmark for Node.js
  • ersatz-node-expat node-expat compatible module using only javascript ( no libexpat)
  • node-jsrsasign pure JavaScript cryptographic library(jsrsasign) and JSON Web Token (JWT) and JSON Web Signature (JWS) library (jsjws) bundle
  • node-occ OpenCascade OCE Wrapper for Node js
  • node-opcua pure nodejs OPCUA SDK
  • node-opcua-htmlpanel Small HTML panel to display a OPCUA monitored variable based on node, express, and node-opcua
  • node-opcua-sample Simple OPCUA client using node-opcua
  • node-opcua-sampleser... Simple OPCUA Server made with node-opcua
  • node-step analyse and explore STEP (ISO 10303) file format with node
  • redmine-api access Redmine using NodeJS and Redmine REST api
  • serialijse serialize and deserialize your javascript objects, preserve your object model

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