pure nodejs OPCUA SDK


an implementation of a OPC UA stack fully written in javascript and nodejs

Node-opcua is an full OPC-UA stack written in NodeJS.

Why NodeJS ?

Because nodeJs is a great framework to design asynchronous application.

Getting started

$ npm install node-opcua
$ git clone
$ cd node-opcua
$ npm init
$ node bin/simple_server
$ git clone
$ cd node-opcua
$ npm init
$ node bin/simple_client.js -e "opc.tcp://" -n="ns=1;s=EVR2.system.RTC_SEC"


$ git clone git:// node-opcua
$ cd node-opcua
$ npm install
$ npm test

Supporting the project

If you like the project, please . This will give us full of motivation to carry on and keep working on the roadmap.


This are the item we would like to achieve in the next version of the API.

  • sign
  • sign & encrypt
  • improved documentation
  • Compliance testing and certification (CTT)
  • HA Support : supporting the historizing service
  • more tutorials


  • if you're using node-opcua in one of your project, please feel free to leave a comment and a quick description in the wiki

  • if you have a particular wish or found a issue, let us known and create a issue