11 Packages by eirikurn

  • contracts Validation library to define and validate JSON Schemas for functions and express handlers. Supports filters.
  • couch-migrate View based CouchDB migration utility. Handles batching and conflict retries.
  • git-dropbox Archives git repositories to your dropbox folder.
  • git-hydra Installs a post-commit hook which helps split your work into multiple branches and PRs.
  • hubot-harvest-sync A harvest script for hubot which supports syncing timesheets with an external account.
  • passport-oz Passport strategy for authenticating with OZ using the OAuth 2.0 API.
  • pro Accelerated prototype development with web technologies
  • region-utils Utilities to work with geographic regions.
  • schema-builder A fluent api to create json schemas.
  • sshopen Opens a remote url in your default browser by ssh tunneling it to a local port.
  • swagger-doc Document your express/restify rest api and expose to swagger ui.