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Archive git repositories to your dropbox folder.


You can install it with npm.

npm install -g git-dropbox


From anywhere:

git dropbox

This will clone the repo as a bare repo at ~/Dropbox/git/my-repo.git.

When runnin git dropbox inside a repo with no arguments, the origin remote will be cloned to your dropbox folder. It will also add the new repo as a dropbox remote.

git dropbox
git push dropbox master

When you have repos in your dropbox they can then be cloned on any of your computers by running.

git clone ~/Dropbox/git/my-repo.git

Be careful not to push to the dropbox repo from two computers at the same time, it will cause a dropbox conflict and corrupt the repo.


You can override where it is cloned with the GIT_ARCHIVE_FOLDER env variable:

export GIT_ARCHIVE_FOLDER=~/Dropbox/git/archive
git dropbox <repo>