8 Packages by dotnil

  • brix <>
  • ceaseless Enhanced Less Compiler
  • cupid An alternative of venus the feed aggregator
  • darko A Node.js port of popular site generator Jekyll.
  • kirua A express daemon manager based on cluster module and kill command.
  • mosaic a client for managing components
  • mosaic-readme 所有使用 mosaic 客户端开发的 Brix 组件,不关是核心组件还是业务组件,均可使用一份同一的 README,本 NPM 模块用来处理这份 README 格式,在 mosaic 与 mosaic-daemon 中均有使用。
  • ssh-config SSH config parser and stringifier

2 Packages starred by dotnil

  • ssh2 SSH2 client and server modules written in pure JavaScript for node.js
  • totoro A simple and stable cross-browser testing tool.