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An alternative of venus the feed aggregator.

$ npm install cupid -g
$ cat > planet.json <<EOF
  "title": "Example Planet",
  "uri": "",
  "feeds": [
    { "uri": "" }
$ mkdir src
$ touch src/index.html
$ touch src/feed.xml
$ cupid build               # will render views/{index.html,feed.xml} into cwd.
$ DEBUG=cupid cupid build   # enable debugging logs


$ cupid-build --help
  $ cupid-build
  $ cupid-build -c 20
  $ cupid-build some-planet -d /path/to/webroot
  $ cupid-build --timeout 5000

-c, --count

The maximum number of articles per feed.

-C, --copy

Build in copy mode. In this mode, .html and .xml files are skipped while renderring the site. Only the static files will be copied into destination folder.

➜  planet git:(master) DEBUG=cupid cupid build -C
  cupid writing to /tmp/planet/target +0ms
  cupid wrote app.css +6ms
  cupid wrote app.js +3ms

-d, --destination

The destination folder of the build result, which defaults to ./target.

-t, --timeout

The timeout on fetching and parsing combined per feed.