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Ceaseless.js enhances the Less.js compiler. It provides command line option --watch, like the one in the SASS.


Less.js isn't easy to use. To compile some .less file, you have to do this:

$ lessc foo.less > foo.css

But I'd prefer:

$ lessc foo.less                    # generate foo.css respectively

Besides, Less.js does not support fancy features like live compiling, Which I enjoyed alot whilst using the sass gem from the Ruby land.

So here's this npm module.


Just $ npm install -g ceaseless, you are good to go.


To compile some less files

$ ceaseless assets/css/foo.less     # compile single file
$ ceaseless assets/css/             # compile all *.less files under some dir

Go live

$ ceaseless --watch assets/css/     # watch for file modifications, creations or deletions