9 Packages by coolbloke1324

  • forerunnerdb A NoSQL document store database for browsers and Node.js.
  • irrelon-emitter Simple JavaScript event emitter.
  • irrelon-overload Simple JavaScript type-based method overloading.
  • irrelonopenzwave Control a Z-Wave network via the Open Z-Wave library
  • monge An easy to use library for accessing and working with MongoDB.
  • node-arguments A toolset for easily working with node process command line arguments.
  • node-jsrender An actively maintained wrapper for the jsrender project by @borismoore. Uses latest source from the jsrender project and extends functionality for easy use in Node.js.
  • solrz Solrz - Application Backend System
  • syncscript Write clean, readable synchronous JavaScript code and output to callback-based async code automatically. Compiles to readable, compatible JS code that runs everywhere and on every browser. No libraries or dependencies, just clean code.