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Irrelon Bluetooth Presence

Presence is developed with ❤ love by Irrelon Software Limited, a UK registered company.

What is Presence?

This module can identify when paired bluetooth devices come into range of the bluetooth radio it is running on. Devices must be paired first which can be achieved by starting a scan from this module using the scan() method and then pairing with found devices via the pair() method.

This is a brand new module and further documentation will be forthcoming.

Setup and Prerequisites

Presence relies on the bluez linux application. This means that Presence will currently only run on linux installations. We have only tested on Debian but Ubuntu and Raspbian will very likely work as well since they are based on Debian.

Install BlueZ (Debian-Based Linux)

apt-get install bluez

Bring Your BT Device Online

hciconfig hci0 up

Scan For Devices

var Presence = require('irrelon-presence'); var presence = new Presence();

presence.scan(function (err, data) {


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