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Reactor AutoNet

AutoNet is developed with ❤ love by Irrelon Software Limited, a UK registered company.

What is AutoNet?

This module can be used to create HTTP services that can find each other on the same network. When you create a new AutoNet instance you defined the express routes that it exposes and then ask AutoNet to start. The service will run on a randomly available port. Once the server has started the AutoNet module will broadcast its presence on the network for other AutoNet services to find.

If the service finds other services in its discovery list it will add them to it's client list after which, any calls to the broadcast() method will send the data to the clients in that list.

This allows you to easily configure services and have them find each other, discover their routes and send and receive data to and from services easily.

How is this Used?

AutoNet is part of Irrelon Software's Reactor Core system and is published here to help others create disparate services that can communicate with each other and reactor core easily.


npm install irrelon-reactor-autonet


See the unitTests/tests.js for an example.

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npm i irrelon-reactor-autonet

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