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  • blob-polyfill Blob.js implements the W3C Blob interface in browsers that do not natively support it.
  • check-magic Manage your check.txt file with magic!
  • component-builder-x A fork of component-builder v0.10.0
  • component-proxy-inst... Proxy installs from ssh component
  • component-x Component package manager consuming git repositories
  • filter-builder Build programmable object property filters.
  • growth-curve Calculate compound growth with inflection points.
  • itd ITD stands for Improvised Timeout Device; Timed locks with a fun, bomb-style interface.
  • mage-event-manager.j... dot-notation, hierarchical event emission
  • nesty Safely set and get values on an object, regardless of depth
  • rumplestiltskin Reveals an object's true name.
  • scheduled-resource Need to change your data on a schedule? Every monday at 3:00, starting next week, until the end of the month?
  • simple-filter A small wrapper around crossfilter to make querying simpler
  • timed-number A little wrapper to help deal with numbers that change over time.
  • tome-log Overrides your console.log to log unTomed versions of tomes.
  • tomes Evented Storage Agnostic Data API
  • wizcorp-deep-copy.js Perform deep copies of javascript objects
  • wizcorp-timer.js Manipulate time and bend it to your will

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  • tomes Evented Storage Agnostic Data API