11 Packages by bitliner

  • bing-search Search content with Bing
  • fastcrud Node module to build quickly api, views to display models, easy integration with Backbone, etc.
  • fauthentication Node module to integrate your Node app with Facebook authentication
  • google-translate-api... Just a client for Google Translate API
  • logb Stupid logger for node.js.
  • mongo-db-populator It lets to load fixtures for MongoDB on NodeJS. The fixtures can be specified as json files in a folder, or as Javascript objects.
  • restful-mongo Add easily RESTful API to use with Mongo
  • sprites-generator To generate sprites images
  • tweet_stream Create your Twitter stream (based on keywords) in a declarative way, for more simplicity. It uses statuses/filter Twitter endpoint.
  • wget_ wget launcher to download web pages and make them ready to see offline too
  • yocrud Build fast webapp based on Express