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RESTful MongoDB

It allows you to setup an HTTP API server to access data stored on MongoDB, easily and quickly.

Install and setup an express server using restful-mongo

  • npm install -g express-generator
  • express mongo-express
  • cd mongo-express && npm install
  • npm install --save restful-mongo to install restful-mongo
  • add to app.js file, in the section where routes are configured, the following code
var RestfulMongo=require('restful-mongo');
new RestfulMongo({
    HOST:'localhost',   // host of mongodb server, OPTIONAL
    PORT:27017          // port of mongodb server, OPTIONAL  
  • npm start
  • access browser at http://localhost:3000/api/test/collectionName to read JSON documents of collection collectionName of database test1

Example of HTTP requests

You can do following requests:

GET /api/localhost:27017/test1/collections HTTP/1.1

Get list of collection names of test1 database

GET /api/localhost:27017/test1/books HTTP/1.1

Get all documents of collection books of test1 database

GET /api/localhost:27017/test1/books?rawQuery={author:{$in:['Manzoni']}} HTTP/1.1

Get all documents of collection books of test1 database whose author is Manzoni


  • the code behind this module is very old, not so readable, and needs refactoring. Do not consider this code as code that I usually write.