Add easily RESTful API to use with Mongo

RESTful MongoDB

It allows to add easily and quickly RESTful API to your nodejs app, to be used with MongoDB.

It is based on

  • install library npm install restful-mongo
  • create a config file in the root of your project, whose content is like this:
module.exports = {
    db: {
        username: '',
        host: 'localhost',
        port: 27017
    "flavor": "nounderscore",
    "debug": true
  • add routers to your app in app.js files
var app = express();
,   config=require('./config.js')
,   restfulMongo=require('../../index.js');
restfulMongo.configure(app, config );

Installation and configuration is completed.

To get all resources contained in a collection, use the following url:

  • /api/database_name/collection_name

To get a single resource, append _id value to the prevouos url, like the following:

  • /api/database_name/collection_name/_id

GET method supports the following parameters:

  • sort: to sort the results, for example ?sort=-_id,name sort the results by _id field, in descending order, and then by name, in ascending order
  • fields: to apply projection to the results, for example ?fields=name,_id returns an array of objects with only 2 fields: name and _id
  • query: to query specific objects, you can specify condition on evenry single object dirrectly as parameters, separated by comma. For example ?name=giovanni,age=18 returns only objects that has 'giovanni' as name and '18' as age. You can specify more complex query too. See below documentation about comples query

POST method