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It lets to load fixtures for MongoDB on NodeJS. The fixtures can be specified as json files in a folder, or as Javascript objects.


npm install mongo-db-populator

Fill the database by Javascript object

  1. Import the module
var DbPopulator=require('mongo-db-populator')
  1. Create an object whose keys are the collection names, the values are arrays representing the objects to be load
var collectionsToBeLoaded={
    greetings: [{
        'g1': 'ciao'
    }, {
        'g2': 'ola'
  1. Initialize DbPopulator (specifying the parameters for the mongodb connection and the data to be loaded) and execute it
new DbPopulator({
    databaseName: 'dbPopulatorTest',
    data: collectionsToBeLoaded,
    user: 'user',
    password: 'pwd'

Fill the database by js files

Like the previuos example, but in the point 3 specify the data parameter as a string representing the path to the folder containing data to be loaded. Example:

new DbPopulator({
        databaseName: 'dbPopulatorTest',
        data: path.resolve('./fixtures'),
        user: 'user',
        password: 'pwd'

where the folder './fixtures' contains js files.

An example of the content of a js file is:

    "g1": "ciao"
}, {
    "g2": "ola"
    "g3": "hi"

Check the test cases to see details about the examples.