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  • assumejs Assume your node.js production server won't fail. And get notified if you were wrong.
  • es-sequence Node.js module for Elasticsearch that provides sequences of auto-incrementing integers that can be used to set the id of new documents.
  • fire-up Fire Up! is a dependency injection container designed specifically for node.js with a powerful but sleek API.
  • pathjs-amd PathJS is a lightweight, client-side routing library that allows you to create single page applications using Hashes/Hashbangs and/or HTML5 PushState.
  • request-promise The world-famous HTTP client 'Request' now Promises/A+ compliant. Powered by Bluebird.
  • serve-spa Express middleware to serve single page applications in a performant and SEO friendly way

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  • elasticsearch The official low-level Elasticsearch client for Node.js and the browser.