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Fork of gkjohnson/urdf-loaders with only the JS component.



  1. npm install
  2. npm run start -s
  3. visit localhost:9080/example


import { LoadingManager } from 'three';
import URDFLoader from 'urdf-loader';
const manager = new LoadingManager();
const loader = new URDFLoader(manager);
  'T12/urdf/T12.URDF',                    // The path to the URDF within the package OR absolute
  robot => { },                           // The robot is loaded!
    packages:     {
      packageName : '.../package/dir/'            // The equivalent of a (list of) ROS package(s):// directory
    loadMeshCb: (path, manager, done) => { },       // Callback for each mesh for custom mesh processing and loading code


  • Only prismatic, continuous, revolute, and fixed joints are supported.




packages = '' : String | Object

The path representing the package:// directory(s) to load package:// relative files.

If the argument is a string, then it is used to replace the package:// prefix when loading geometry.

To specify multiple packages an object syntax is used defining the package name to the package path:

  "package1": ".../path/to/package1",
  "package2": ".../path/to/package2",


loadMeshCb = null :
        pathToModel : string,
        manager : LoadingManager,
        onComplete : ( obj : Object3D ) => void
     ) => void

An optional function that can be used to override the default mesh loading functionality. The default loader is specified at URDFLoader.defaultMeshLoader.

pathToModel is the url to load the model from.

manager is the THREE.js LoadingManager used by the URDFLoader.

onComplete is called with the mesh once the geometry has been loaded.


fetchOptions : Object

An optional object with the set of options to pass to the fetch function call used to load the URDF file.


workingPath : string

The path to load geometry relative to.

Defaults to the path relative to the loaded URDF file.


parseVisual : boolean

An optional value that can be used to enable / disable loading meshes for links from the visual nodes. Defaults to true.


parseCollision : boolean

An optional value that can be used to enable / disable loading meshes for links from the collision nodes. Defaults to false.



constructor( manager : LoadingManager )

Constructor. Manager is used for transforming load URLs and tracking downloads.


    urdfpath : string,
    onComplete : (robot: URDFRobot) => void,
    options = null : URDFOptions
) : void

Loads and builds the specified URDF robot in THREE.js.

Takes a path to load the urdf file from, a func to call when the robot has loaded, and a set of options.


parse( urdfContent : string,  options = null : URDFOptions) : URDFRobot

Parses URDF content and returns the robot model. Takes an XML string to parse and a set of options.

Note that geometry will not necessarily be loaded when the robot is returned.


extends Object3D

An object representing a robot joint.


name : string

The name of the joint.


.jointType : string

The type of joint. Can only be the URDF types of joints.


.limit : { lower : number, upper : number }

An object containing the lower and upper constraints for the joint.


axis : Vector3

The axis described for the joint.



angle : number

The current position or angle for joint.


ignoreLimits : boolean

Whether or not to ignore the joint limits when setting a the joint position.

.setAngle, .setOffset

setAngle( angle : number ) : void
setOffset( position : number ) : void

Takes the position off of the starting position to rotate or move the joint to.


extends Object3D


name : string

The name of the link.


extends URDFLink

Object that describes the URDF Robot.


robotName : string

The name of the robot described in the <robot> tag.


links : { [key] : URDFLink }

A dictionary of linkName : URDFLink with all links in the robot.


joints : { [key] : URDFJoint }

A dictionary of jointName : URDFJoint with all joints in the robot.

urdf-viewer Element

<!-- Register the Element -->
<script href=".../urdf-viewer-element.js" />
<script>customElements.define('urdf-viewer', URDFViewer)</script> 
  <urdf-viewer package=".../package/dir/" urdf="T12/urdf/T12.URDF" up="Z+" display-shadow ambient-color="red"></urdf-viewer>



Corresponds to the package parameter in URDFLoader.load. Supported are:

  1. Single package:

    <!-- 1. Example for single package named `default_package` -->
    <urdf-viewer package=".../path/to/default_package" ...></urdf-viewer>

    Fallback within 1: If the target package within the package:// relative files do not match the default path it is assumed that the default path is the parent folder that contains the target package(s).

    <!-- 1. Example for single package named `default_package` with fallback: -->
    <urdf-viewer package=".../path/to/parent" ...></urdf-viewer>
    <!-- since `parent` does not match `default_package`
         the path ".../path/to/parent/default_package" is assumed -->
  2. Serialized package map:

    E.g. if the meshes of a URDF are distributed over mutliple packages.

    <!-- 2. Example for serialized package map that contains `package1` and `package2` -->
    <urdf-viewer package="package1:.../path/to/package1, package2:.../path/to/package1" ...></urdf-viewer>


Corresponds to the urdfpath parameter in URDFLoader.load.

The element uses fetch options { mode: 'cors', credentials: 'same-origin' } to load the urdf file.


Whether or not hte display should ignore the joint limits specified in the model when updating angles.


The axis to associate with "up" in THREE.js. Values can be [+-][XYZ].


Whether or not the render the shadow under the robot.


The color of the ambient light specified with css colors.


Automatically redraw the model every frame instead of waiting to be dirtied.


Recenter the camera only after loading the model.


All of the above attributes have corresponding camel case properties.


angles : Object

Sets or gets the angles of the robot as a dictionary of joint-name to radian pairs.



setAngle( jointName : string, angle : Number ) : void

Sets the given joint to the provided angle in radians.


setAngles( jointDictionary : Object ) : void

Sets all joint names specified as keys to radian angle value.


redraw() : void

Dirty the renderer so the element will redraw next frame.


recenter() : void

Recenter the camera to the model and redraw.



Fires when the URDF has changed and a new one is starting to load.


Fires when the ignore-limits attribute changes.


Fires when the URDF has finished loading and getting processed.


Fires when all the geometry has been fully loaded.


The software is available under the Apache V2.0 license.

Copyright © 2019 California Institute of Technology. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. United States Government Sponsorship Acknowledged. This software may be subject to U.S. export control laws. By accepting this software, the user agrees to comply with all applicable U.S. export laws and regulations. User has the responsibility to obtain export licenses, or other export authority as may be required before exporting such information to foreign countries or providing access to foreign persons. Neither the name of Caltech nor its operating division, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.

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