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    A toolkit that simplifies the creation of rich and interactive 2D or 3D experiences.

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    npm install lume


    LUME is composed of several packages that can be used individually, or together as a whole:

    lume - HTML elements for rich graphics

    HTML elements for easily defining rich and interactive 2D or 3D applications powered by CSS3D, WebGL, or both mixed together.

    This package uses and re-exports features from the below packages.

    @lume/element - System for defining HTML elements

    This is a web component system that allows you to create new, fast, and performant HTML elements in a simple way. It provides the foundation for LUME's HTML elements, and a standard pattern for building new elements that extend the features of LUME.

    element-behaviors - Mix functionalities onto HTML elements

    This allows you to augment HTML elements with features called "behaviors" that are similar to custom elements: each behavior is defined as a class that has the same lifecycle methods as custom elements. The difference is that an unlimited number of behaviors can be associated with an element.

    glas - WebGL engine written in AssemblyScript (WIP)

    This is a WebGL engine with the consistent performance of WebAssembly, written in AssemblyScript (a TypeScript-to-WebAssembly compiler).


    LUMECraft is a collection of applications made with LUME, showing what LUME can do, and serving as forkable starting points for further customization.

    first-person-shooter - First-person shooter game

    A first-person shooter game foundation made with LUME, Solid.js, and Meteor.

    Getting involved

    There's various ways to get involved!

    • Visit the documentation and make something awesome!
    • Submit fixes or new features to any packages or the website! See the contributing guide.
    • Discuss LUME, get help, or help others in the forums or on our Discord chat server.



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