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Ignite UI for Web Components - from Infragistics

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Ignite UI for Web Components is a complete library of UI components, giving you the ability to build modern web applications using encapsulation and the concept of reusable components in a dependency-free approach. See the Storybook Here!
All components are based on the Indigo.Design Design System and are backed by ready-to-use UI kits for Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma.

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Components Status Documentation Released Version
Combo Docs 4.1.0
Stepper Docs 4.1.0
Select Docs 3.4.0
Dialog Docs 3.4.0
Date Time Input Docs 3.3.0
Tabs Docs 3.3.0
Accordion Docs 3.3.0
Mask Input Docs 3.2.0
Expansion Panel Docs 3.2.0
Tree Docs 3.2.0
Drop Down Docs 2.2.0
Linear Progress Docs 2.1.0
Circular Progress Docs 2.1.0
Chip Docs 2.1.0
Snackbar Docs 2.1.0
Toast Docs 2.1.0
Rating Docs 2.1.0
Slider Docs 2.0.0
Range Slider Docs 2.0.0
Avatar Docs 1.0.0
Badge Docs 1.0.0
Button Docs 1.0.0
Calendar Docs 1.0.0
Card Docs 1.0.0
Checkbox Docs 1.0.0
Form Docs 1.0.0
Icon Docs 1.0.0
Icon Button Docs 1.0.0
Input Docs 1.0.0
List Docs 1.0.0
Navigation Bar (Navbar) Docs 1.0.0
Navigation Drawer Docs 1.0.0
Radio Docs 1.0.0
Radio Group Docs 1.0.0
Ripple Docs 1.0.0
Switch Docs 1.0.0

Components available in Ignite UI for WebComponents Grids

Components Status Documentation Released Version
Pivot Grid Docs
Data Grid Docs
Tree Grid Docs


The Lightweight Web Components Data Grid and Data Table

The Ignite UI for Web Components Data Grid and Table are both lightweight and developed to handle high data volumes. The Web Components Grid offers powerful data visualization capabilities and superior performance on any device. With interactive features that users expect. Fast rendering. Unbeatable interactions. And the best possible user experience that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve with so little code on your own.


Dock Manager

Provide a complete windowing experience, splitting complex layouts into smaller, easier-to-manage panes.

In order to use the Ignite UI Web Components in your application you should install the igniteui-webcomponents package:

npm install igniteui-webcomponents

Next you will need to import the components that you want to use. You could import one or more components using the defineComponents function like this:

import { defineComponents, IgcAvatarComponent, IgcBadgeComponent } from 'igniteui-webcomponents';

defineComponents(IgcAvatarComponent, IgcBadgeComponent);

You could also import all of the components using the defineAllComponents function:

import { defineAllComponents } from 'igniteui-webcomponents';


Please note that importing all of the components will increase the bundle size of your application. That's why we recommend you to import only the components that you are actually using.

After the components are imported you could use them in your html:

<igc-avatar initials="AZ"></igc-avatar>

Tooling Support

The package contains its own Custom Elements Manifest as well as Custom Data Format for VSCode. Refer to your IDE/toolchain documentation to see if you can take advantage of this metadata for linting, type hints and documentation.

Here is a how to enable VSCode auto-completion and hover information for HTML entities from the package.

Add the following line to your user or workspace settings:

    "html.customData": [


In order to run the repository locally from the root folder run:

npm install

Linting with ESLint, Prettier, and Types

To scan the project for linting errors, run

npm run lint

You can lint with ESLint and Prettier individually as well

npm run lint:eslint
npm run lint:prettier

To automatically fix many linting errors, run

npm run format

You can format using ESLint and Prettier individually as well

npm run format:eslint
npm run format:prettier

Testing with Web Test Runner

To run the suite of Web Test Runner tests, run

npm run test

To run the tests in watch mode (for <abbr title="test driven development">TDD</abbr>, for example), run

npm run test:watch

Demoing with Storybook

To run a local instance of Storybook for your component, run

npm run storybook

To build a production version of Storybook, run

npm run storybook:build

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