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    Ignite UI for Angular - from Infragistics

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    Ignite UI for Angular is a complete set of Material-based UI Widgets, Components & Sketch UI kits, supporting directives for Angular by Infragistics. Ignite UI for Angular is designed to enable developers to build enterprise-ready, high-performance HTML5 & JavaScript apps for modern desktop browsers. With the use of all features, the world’s fastest Angular grid, 60+ real-time Angular charts, and more, you are empowered to engineer excellent mobile experiences and deliver progressive web apps (PWA’s) targeting Google's Angular framework.

    You can find source files under the src folder, including samples and tests.

    Angular Data Grid Overview

    The Ignite UI for Angular Data Grid equips you with all the necessary features for manipulating and visualizing tabular data in a series of rows and columns with ease. You can find powerful grid elements for no-lag scrolling while rendering and going through millions of data points.

    Built for optimization and speed, our Angular grid component lets you quickly bind data with very little code and allows you to implement a variety of events in order to tailor different behaviors.

    View running Grid samples here

    Angular Charts & Graphs Overview

    Ignite UI for Angular arrives with an extensive library of data visualizations that enable stunning, interactive charts and dashboards for your modern web and mobile apps. All of them are designed to work flawlessly on every modern browser and provide complete touch as well as interactivity. Our comprehensive Angular Charts component supports more than 65 chart types that let you display all sorts of data representations and statistics. And with the rich and easy-to-use API, you can plot various types of charts.

    Some of the Angular chart types included are: Polar chart, Pie chart, Donut chart, Bubble chart, Area chart, Treemap chart, and many others. And if you look for Angular financial charts, with Ignite UI you can get the same features as the ones you come across with Google Finance and Yahoo Finance Charts.

    Build Apps with Ignite UI for Angular faster using our App Builder

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    Generate your Angular code projects using the App Builder

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    Current List of Components Include:

    Components Status Directives Status
    accordion Readme Docs
    avatar Readme Docs autocomplete Readme Docs
    badge Readme Docs button Readme Docs
    banner Readme Docs date time editor Readme Docs
    bottom navigation Readme Docs divider Readme Docs
    button group Readme Docs dragdrop Readme Docs
    calendar Readme Docs filter Readme Docs
    card Readme Docs focus-trap Readme Docs
    carousel Readme Docs forOf Readme Docs
    checkbox Readme Docs hint Readme Docs
    chips Readme Docs input Readme Docs
    circular progress Readme Docs label Readme Docs
    combo Readme Docs layout Readme Docs
    date picker Readme Docs mask Readme Docs
    date range picker Readme Docs prefix Readme Docs
    dialog Readme Docs radio-group Docs
    drop down Readme Docs ripple Readme Docs
    expansion panel Readme Docs suffix Readme Docs
    grid Readme Docs text-highlight Readme Docs
    hierarchical grid Readme Docs toggle Readme Docs
    icon Readme Docs tooltip Readme Docs
    input group Readme Docs Others Status Docs
    linear progress Readme Docs Animations Readme
    list Readme Docs dataUtil Readme
    month picker Readme Docs dataContainer Readme
    navbar Readme Docs IgxGridState Readme Docs
    navigation drawer Readme Docs
    radio Readme Docs
    select Readme Docs
    simple-combo Readme Docs
    slider Readme Docs
    snackbar Readme Docs
    stepper Readme Docs
    switch Readme Docs
    tabs Readme Docs
    time picker Readme Docs
    toast Readme Docs
    tree Readme Docs
    tree grid Readme Docs

    Components available in igniteui-angular-charts

    Bar Chart Docs
    Line Chart Docs
    Financial Chart Docs
    Doughnut Chart Docs
    Pie Chart Docs

    Components available in igniteui-angular-gauges

    Bullet Graph Docs
    Linear Gauge Docs
    Radial Gauge Docs

    Components available in igniteui-angular-excel

    Excel Library Docs

    Components available in igniteui-angular-spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet Docs


    From the root folder run:

    npm install

    Create new Project with Ignite UI CLI

    To get started with the Ignite UI CLI and Ignite UI for Angular:

    npm i -g igniteui-cli
    ig new <project name> --framework=angular
    cd <project name>
    ig add grid <component name>
    ig start

    Adding IgniteUI for Angular to Existing Project

    Including the igniteui-angular and igniteui-cli packages to your project:

    ng add igniteui-angular

    After this operation you can use the Ignite UI CLI commands in your project, such as ig and ig add. Learn more

    Updating Existing Project

    Analyze your project for possible migrations:

    ng update

    If there are new versions available, update your packages:

    ng update igniteui-angular
    ng update igniteui-cli

    Building the Library

    // build the code
    ng build igniteui-angular
    // build the css
    npm run build:style
    // build them both
    npm run build:lib

    You can find the build ouput under dist/igniteui-angular.

    Running the tests

    Running the tests in watch mode:

    ng test igniteui-angular // or npm run test:lib:watch

    Running the tests once with code coverage enabled:

    npm run test:lib

    Building the API Docs

    The API docs are produced using TypeDoc and SassDoc. In order to build the docs, all you need to do is run:

    npm run build:docs

    The output of the API docs build is located under dist/igniteui-angular/docs.

    Run Demos Application

    The repository includes a sample application featuring the showcasing the different components/directives. In order to run the demo samples, build the library first and start the application.

    npm start

    NOTE: Experimental demos are not always stable.

    NPM Package

    You can include Ignite UI for Angular in your project as a dependency using the NPM package.

    npm install igniteui-angular


    General Naming and Coding Guidelines for Ignite UI for Angular

    Demo Apps & Documentation

    List of Angular Demo Apps

    • Warehouse Picklist App - Demonstrates using several Ignite UI for Angular widgets together to build a modern, mobile app.

    • FinTech Grid App - The Ignite UI for Angular Grid component is able to handle thousands of updates per second, while keeping the grid responsive for any interaction that the user may undertake. This sample demonstrates the Angular Grid handling thousands of updates per second.

    • FinTech Tree Grid App - The Ignite UI for Angular Tree Grid component is able to handle thousands of updates per second, while keeping the grid responsive for any interaction that the user may undertake. This sample demonstrates the Tree Grid handling thousands of updates per second.

    • Crypto Portfolio App - This is a web and mobile application, developed with Ignite UI for Angular components and styled with our one of a kind theming engine.

    • Task Planner Application – Task Planner is an Angular web application. It provides an effective means for managing projects and related tasks. Thus, it loads data from the Web API endpoint, enabling the user to start managing - filtering and sorting tasks, editing tasks, adding new tasks. It shows nice UX UI perks like ability to Drag and Drop items from and to the List and Data Grid.

    • Dock Manager with Data Analysis Tool - The Data Analysis sample application provides users with the flexibility to customize the data visualization using one of several chart types. Built with Angular UI components, it showcases the Angular Data Grid integrated with an Angular Data Chart, Angular Pie Chart, and an Angular Category Chart, to provide an interactive and engaging visualization. The Dock Manager web component provides a windowing experience, allowing users to customize the layout and view, and make the data more accessible.

    • COVID-19 Dashboard - This dynamic dashboard was built using Indigo.Design and Ignite UI for Angular leveraging timely reports data from CSSEGISandData/COVID-19 to create an useful and impactful visualization. Built in a matter of hours, it showcases the Ignite UI Category and Data Charts, Map and List components for Angular and the how easy it is to get those quickly configured and populated with data.

    -Inventory Management App - The Inventory Management App consists of 2 pages: The Products Page and the Dashboard Page. The Products Page contains a grid with product information and includes a number of useful features

    Angular apps with ASP.NET Core Web Application

    If you consider Angular client side application with ASP.NET Core application you can check out our ASP.NET-Core-Samples


    To get started with the Data Grid, use the steps in the grid walk-through.

    All help, related API documents and walk-throughs can be found for each control here.


    Roadmap document


    Developer support is provided as part of the commercial, paid-for license via Infragistics Forums, or via Chat & Phone with a Priority Support license. To acquire a license for paid support or Priority Support, please visit this page.

    Community support for open source usage of this product is available at StackOverflow.


    This is a commercial product, requiring a valid paid-for license for commercial use. This product is free to use for non-commercial educational use for students in K through 12 grades or University programs, and for educators to use in a classroom setting as examples / tools in their curriculum. In order for us to verify your eligibility for free usage, please register for trial and open a support ticket with a request for free license.

    To acquire a license for commercial usage, please register for trial and refer to the purchasing options in the pricing section on the product page.

    © Copyright 2020 INFRAGISTICS. All Rights Reserved. The Infragistics Ultimate license & copyright applies to this distribution. For information on that license, please go to our website


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