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    glslify-api experimental

    An API and accompanying client for generating glslify shaders in the browser.

    This is done by running glslify in the browser, but redirecting its functions to read and resolve modules to a thin server. Files are cached locally using level.js to speed up the bundling speed after the first run – it can even work offline after downloading the required package once!

    See the example directory for a simple example.


    Usage: Server

    handle = api([cachedir])

    Returns an express-style route handler. cachedir is the location to store temporary packages (using npm-file), and defaults to .glslify.

    handle(req, res, next)

    Given a request and response pair, handle a route. Will call next if there is an error or a appropriate route is not found.

    Usage: Browser

    getShader = api(serverURI, [options])

    Returns a function for compiling shaders within the browser. serverURI should be the URI where you're hosting your copy of the glslify-api server – if you don't pass one in that's OK too, there's one being hosted at

    Available options:

    • ttl: the maximum amount of time to cache a file locally, in milliseconds.

    getShader(source, done(err, result))

    Pass in a shader body source, and done will be called with either an error or the glslified shader when ready.


    GET /

    Should return:

      "glslify": true

    POST /-/shader

    Pipe a whole shader to the request body and get a glslified shader in return. This is a little more blunt than the approach in the client, but can be useful for small, quick experiments.

    GET /:package/:file...

    Returns the raw contents of file from the package package on npm.


    MIT. See for details.


    npm i glslify-api

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