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Implements sitewide search for Apostrophe sites

This module was for A2 0.5.x. For new projects, use Apostrophe 2, which has a built-in search module.


This module adds a user interface for sitewide search to A2 sites.

npm install apostrophe-search

In app.js, in your modules section:

    apostrophe-search: {}

Just use a cross-module include:

{% include "search:miniForm.html" %}

It's already there. Currently the apostrophe:reset task creates one and gives it the slug /search.

Create lib/modules/apostrophe-search/views and copy index.html from this module's views folder to that folder. Then edit as you see fit. Your override will automatically be recognized. It works just like overriding the blog module, snippets module, et cetera.

Copy miniForm.html in the same way. Or just write your own form directly in your layout. You must use the GET method and the user's search text must be in the q query parameter. The action of your form should be /search.

By default filters are displayed which can be used to filter out various results such as blog posts, events, etc. until the user is left with the results they wanted.

By default the list is very complete. The search module emits an addSearchFilters event on the apos object, passing an array as the first argument, and modules that are interested in having a search filter simply push page type names onto that array.

If you wish to restrict the list of filters on your site you can pass a searchFilters option when configuring the module in app.js. Here the only filters provided are for blog posts and "pages."

Note that the filter with the name "other" actually matches everything not matched by your other filters. We label this filter "pages" because it is less confusing for the user.

    apostrophe-search: {
      filters: [
          name: 'other',
          label: 'Pages'
          name: 'blogPost',
          label: 'Articles'

You can also shut off filters entirely for a project:

    apostrophe-search: {
      filters: false

You should use false, not an empty array.

Sample styles are available in the sandbox project in public/css/search.less.