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This module allows admins to add redirects from one URL to another within an Apostrophe site.

This version is for Apostrophe 2.x. For Apostrophe 0.5 use the 0.x series.

Table of Contents


First make sure you have an Apostrophe project!


npm install --save apostrophe-redirects


In app.js, add the module to your configuration:

... other modules ...
'apostrophe-redirects': { }

That's it!


While logged in as an admin, click the "Redirects" button. A list of redirects appears, initially empty. Add as many redirects as you like. The "from" URL must begin with a /. The "to" URL may be anything and need not be on your site. The "description" field is for your own convenience.

Be aware that each redirect is live as soon as you save it and that it is possible to make a mess with redirects. In a pinch, you can remove unwanted redirects via the MongoDB command line client (see the aposRedirects collection).

Also be aware that Apostrophe already creates "soft redirects" every time you change the slug of a page. So you shouldn't need manually created "hard redirects" in that situation.


0.6.5: Use express middleware instead of relying on apos.pages.serve. This lets redirects happen for files, etc.

0.6.1: the redirectSlug should be type: 'string' because the old site may have allowed nonsense in slugs that we do not allow. Also compare to req.url so query string matches are allowed.

0.6.0: initial release.