17 Packages by wballard

  • awesome-websocket A WebSocket, with the extra awesome of client failover and autoreconnect
  • custom-event-server Extends the DOM CustomEvent model through to the server
  • doc-n-toc Build a simple, slick, single page manual for your project with Markdown
  • dom-middleware Connect/Express middleware that allows you to rewrite text/html using client side techniques
  • flinger Flinger flings logs from your browser clients back to your node servers so you can see what your users are up to.
  • generator-literate-p... Yeoman generator to make Polymer elements from Literate CoffeeScript and Less.
  • git-friends Handy extra commands for working with lots of git repositories
  • glg-toolkit Go see [ui-toolkit](https://github.com/Custom-Elements/glg-toolkit)
  • hunting-websocket WebSocket with automatic reconnection and client side failover.
  • imposter Stand in for REST with WebSockets and save your self connection and DNS latency.
  • npmfirehose A giant firehose of every NPM as it is published. This will make you *feel*... something.
  • polymer-build Build tools to make polymer element creation easy!
  • shellscript Use shell commands directly from nodejs to make synchronous shell scripts.
  • starphleet-cli The fully open container based continuous deployment PaaS.
  • superwatcher Watch a GiT repository for changes
  • ui-styles This is a set of less include files, defining common colors and styles for polymer elements, along with styling for pure visual elements.
  • ui-toolkit Polymer elements packed together for high speed reference, saves you build time.