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This is a very simple service that will relay HTTP over WebSockets. The basic idea -- and it works -- is that you cut down the HTTP connection and DNS time for REST APIs by tunneling them through a WebSocket.

So -- it's magical speed sauce to turn your REST API to 11.


You run this as a server, just grab and and feed it an npm start. It works best when you put it LAN-local to your REST services, on the same host is the best of all.

Then, you connect to it with a WebSocket, and send along messages that encapsualte a call to request.

var s = new WebSocket('ws://yourserver')
verb: 'GET',
url: 'http://yourserver/restapi'
//emits messages that add on .text, .statusCode, and .responseHeaders

You can pass along any other properties on the sent messages and they will simply be echoed back, this is really handy way to have completion tokens to look up for promises or message callbacks.