11 Packages by vincent__

  • fasm Free assets manager, a tool to keep a reference on your imported art or other assets.
  • grunt-adb Launch ADB commands from Grunt
  • grunt-plist-version Bump versions in Xcode plist files
  • hoodie-plugin-elasti... Basic Hoodie Elasticsearch plugin
  • jamendo A simple wrapper to Jamendo API v3
  • jamendo-from-twitter Extract Jamendo related data from tweets
  • lootr A simple rpg-like looting system
  • page-reflex An evented page scrapper
  • recastjs A wrapper for the RecastDetour navigation library for node and the browser
  • sncf-delays SNCF-delays is a NodeJS tool to check french railway delays.
  • threearena <!-- title: Three Arena --> <!-- subtitle: A WebGL game engine -->