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Hoodie Plugin Template

This is a template layout for a Hoodie plugin. It contains a Gruntfile with appropriate tasks for running jshint, unit tests and browser tests against a Hoodie server.

You'll need to have phantomjs and grunt installed:

npm install -g phantomjs grunt-cli

To run tests / linting

Install dev dependencies:

npm install

Then run the 'test' task

grunt test

You can also run test:unit or test:browser individually.

If your plugin depends on other plugins being present (usually it will at least depend on the hoodie users plugin), then make sure they're included in your devDependencies in package.json and listed in the hoodie.plugins property. This way, they'll also get started when the browser tests are run.

NOTE: When running the browser tests, the grunt tasks will remove the local Hoodie 'data' directory completely so you get a clean database to test against. Be careful you don't use this path for any data you may want to keep!