18 Packages by varankinv

  • asker http.request wrapper with request retries and http.Agent tuning
  • bem-environ bem-environ ===========
  • bem-tools-autoprefix... Use autoprefixer with bem-tools
  • chai-nodules-helpers nodules-specific assertion helpers for chai
  • connect-contimer connect response timer middleware
  • contimer Routines to measure time in the context of an object.
  • debug-flags Easy way to check NODE_DEBUG environment variable for nested tokens
  • fez-autoprefixer Autoprefixer for Fez
  • jsdtmd Made for profit opinionated JSDoc to Markdown converter
  • luster Node.js cluster wrapper
  • luster-guard Restart workers on file system changes
  • luster-log-file Stream luster master and workers output to files
  • normalize-deps deps format normalizer
  • objex Easy prototype and static methods inheritance via inheritedBy method
  • scan-level Scan the level of definition to generate it's object model as JSON object
  • terror Base error class which will help you grep logs more effectively
  • vow-asker Module wraps [asker]( API in the [Vow]( promises implementation.
  • xamel Fast and cozy way to extract data from XML.