11 Packages by tomfrost

  • argsnip Snips arguments off of callback functions.
  • attempt Automatically retry functions that fail, in crazily customizable ways.
  • bristol Insanely configurable logging for Node.js
  • flushwritable A Writable stream that flushes before emitting finish
  • jexl Javascript Expression Language: Powerful context-based expression parser and evaluator
  • phonetic Generates unique, pronounceable names, random and seedable
  • semlocks Mind-blowingly simple local resource management
  • toady-acrophobia A game to turn acronyms into funny phrases
  • toady-github Provides details on Github repositories
  • toady-typofix Fix typos by saying s/FIND/REPLACE/ after your message
  • vitalsigns Powerful and customizable application health monitoring