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An ultra-lightweight Node.js client for the FS-EventBridge filesystem change notification forwarder.


npm install --save fs-eventbridge-js


const FSEventBridgeClient = require('fs-eventbridge-js')

const bridge = new FSEventBridgeClient({host:})
bridge.start().then(() => {
  // process.cwd() is currently being monitored for changes.
  // These filesystem events will be replicated in the target
  // environment, regardless of whether it uses fsevents, inotify, or
  // something else.


new FSEventBridgeClient(opts)

Creates a new client. You'll need one of these per server you want to connect to, per top-level folder to be watched.


  • host (Default: localhost): he hostname or IP address to which to connect
  • port (Default: 65056): The port to which to connect
  • watch (Default: process.cwd()): The directory to be watched for changes
  • recursive (Default: true): If true, all subdirectories and their files will also be watched
  • persistent (Default: false): If true, prevents the Node.js process from ending while the client is monitoring for file changes.
  • ignoreMs (Default: 250): The number of milliseconds during which any further change notifications for a given file are ignored. This helps reduce load for rapidly-changing files, as well as prevents an infinite loop of reporting changes that were due to the last reported change.
  • ignoreHidden (Default: true): Ignores file changes within hidden files and folders if true


Connects to the FS-EventBridge server and starts monitoring the filesystem for changes. Returns a Promise that resolves whenever a connection has been established, rejecting on connection failure. A resolved promise is returned if this is called during an active connection.


Stops watching for filesystem events and disconnects from the server. Has no effect if called when there is no active connection.


A getter that provides true if there is an active connection.


error_connection Error

Emitted whenever the connection to the FS-EventBridge server has an unexpected issue. The server has been stopped when this event is fired, and start() can be called on the same instance if desired.

error_command Error

Emitted whenever the FS-EventBridge server communicates an error. These have no long-term impact on the client, but may signify that a file change event did not propagate to the remote operating system.

error_file Error

Emitted when the client cannot stat a changed file. These have no long-term impact on the client, but may signify that a file change event did not propagate to the remote operating system.

response string

Emitted when the server sends any response. This is useful for debug logging.


FS-EventBridge-JS is distributed under the ISC license. See LICENSE file for details.


FS-EventBridge-JS was created by Tom Shawver at TechnologyAdvice.

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