15 Packages by tobie

  • async-it Generic asynchronous iterators for node.js.
  • fncmp Just function composition.
  • hash-expander Turns short Git SHA-1s into their longer counterpart.
  • module-grapher Programatically finds and resolves CommonJS module dependencies.
  • modulr Resolves and concatenates CommonJS module dependencies for use in the browser.
  • respec-issues A utility to turn ReSpec issues into GitHub issues and link these together via the data-number attribute.
  • simple-github A simple, request-inspired and promise-based wrapper around GitHub's API.
  • spec-pages Get the list of pages that compose a spec.
  • spec-toc-obj Get all uppermost list element of the Table of Content of a W3C or WHATWG spec and returns them in a document fragment.
  • spectools-fetch-spec Gathers the HTML content of a spec, a list of subresources it fetches and, optionally, a screenshot of the spec.
  • spectools-fixtures Fixtures for spec-related tests.
  • ua-parser A port of Browserscope's user agent parser.
  • uap-ref-impl Reference implementation of ua-parser.
  • visit Visits a URL using phantomjs, loads the page, runs the CJS scripts and collects the results.
  • webidl-deps Dependency finder for WebIDL fragments.