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ReSpec-Issues is a small utility to turn ReSpec issues into GitHub issues and link these together via the data-number attribute. It also allows to easily update them by regularly running the script.

This script simply iterates through all the issues it finds in the the spec and creates or updates them on GitHub. It then adds the data-number attribute that references the GitHub issue directly back into the file. You can then simply push those changes back to the GH repository and you're done.

You'll need to generate a GH token for this script to work and pass it to the script as an env variable or through the command line args.


Install as a global npm package:

$ npm install -g respec-issues


  1. First, set the issueBase property of the respecConfig object to:
  2. Generate a GH token

  3. Just run the following from the CLI.

    $ respec-issues ./path/to/spec/file [your-github-token]

    Note that you can also pass the GitHub token as the GITHUB_TOKEN env variable.

  4. Commit the changes in the spec to the repo.

  5. To update the GH issues with changes in the spec, just run the script again. It will update issues that have been modified, skip those that haven't changed and add new ones.

  6. When you remove the issue from the spec, remember to add say so in the commit message (e.g. "... closes #32.") as GitHub will pick it that up and close the issue for you.