9 Packages by tiddo

  • browserify-diff Module to allow browserify bundle caching and fast minimal cache updates based on version diffs.
  • browserify-i18n
  • browserify-json-bund... Generates a diff between two [browserify-json-bundles](https://github.com/Magnetme/browserify-json-bundler). This is part of the browserify-diff toolchain.
  • browserify-json-bund... Module loader for browserify-json-bundles and diffs.
  • browserify-json-bund... Browserify plugin that replaces the default packing method (see [browser-pack](https://github.com/substack/browser-pack)) with a JSON packing method. The result is a browserify bundle in JSON format.
  • mu2express A package to use the Mu2 library as render engine for express.
  • nginject nginject function for ng-annotate
  • tracegl TraceGL is a JavaScript codeflow visualization and debugging tool built using WebGL.
  • yoloader Yoloader is a CommonJS module loader implementation. It provides tools to bundle a CommonJS based project and to load such bundles.