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DEPRECATED: This is default behaviour in Webpack 2.x, you probably don't need this plugin anymore.

If you're using Webpack 2+ then you shouldn't need this plugin anymore. Under normal circumstances Webpack should already exit with a proper exit code. As such, this plugin does not officially support Webpack 2+.

If you don't get the correct exit code with Webpack 2+ then this is most likely a bug in a plugin you're using, or you're running into a Webpack bug. In either case I strongly recommend to isolate the problem and file issues at the appropriate repositories. In the mean time you could try to use this plugin as a temporary workaround.


Webpack plugin that will make the process return status code 1 when it finishes with errors in single-run mode.


npm install webpack-fail-plugin --save-dev


var failPlugin = require('webpack-fail-plugin');
module.exports = {
    plugins: [

Credits to @happypoulp.