8 Packages by thotjs

  • app-cwd Enforces a nodejs script to run with the entry points path as the cwd
  • easy-require Wrapper around require that supports paths from the application root and requiring directories as namespaces
  • genforce Module to enforce harmony generator support for applications even in older versions of node
  • gulp-help-four Temporary gulp help module for gulp 4.0 while task descriptions are still pending
  • thot-cwd Enforces current working directory to be the same as the entry point of your script
  • thot-gen Generator control flow based on bluebird
  • thot-harmony Enforce harmony support on your entry points to ensure generator support
  • thot-local-require Allows the requiring of files local to the applications root

3 Packages starred by thotjs

  • co generator async control flow goodness
  • gnode Run node with ES6 Generators, today!
  • thot-gen Generator control flow based on bluebird