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Module to enforce harmony generator support for applications even in older versions of node

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Tested on Node v0.10 & v0.11

This module is only meant to be used on the entry point of your application. Please do not use it on internal modules.

This module uses gnode under the hood to provide generator support for versions of node < 0.11.3. This can cause slowdowns due to transpiling of the modules when they are required.

To use generators in the current stable node for production you can use traceur or regenerator to compile your applications to ECMAScript 5 and then use gnode directly to require any module dependencies that are using generators internally such as koa or co.


npm install --save genforce

var genforce = require('genforce');


It's not recommended to use this in a small library as the dependency weight comes in at around 5MB due to the use of regenerator. It's better instead to inform your users of the requirements, check for support, and exit if they don't have the needed generator support.