19 Packages by thegoleffect

  • actin auto loading controllers for hapi projects
  • betterservers node.js API for betterservers
  • connect-airbrake airbrake app middleware for Connect
  • flod-webservers test files for use with flod
  • generator-hapi A Hapi.js generator for Yeoman
  • handlersocket mongodb-like interface to mysql handlersocket
  • hapi-1.0.0-benchmark ERROR: No file found!
  • itertools functions for efficient looping (port of python's itertools)
  • kali improved cluster (multi-cpu) interface
  • knowble high level abstraction for interacting with Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals and beacons
  • mitosis reserving name for future project
  • mongobus MongoDB as a Message Bus
  • multitool swiss army knife of useful javascript functions
  • nitrous Rapid web development framework created for and used by
  • node-hydra better multi-cpu for node.js
  • passport-debug Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.
  • polyhydra nodejs multiprocessing framework
  • redsplit Helper functions for splitting redis host strings into usable JavaScript objects
  • walmart Walmart Public API driver

1 Package starred by thegoleffect

  • hapi HTTP Server framework