node package manager




npm install mongobus


var Mongobus = require("mongobus")

var mbus = new Mongobus("mongodb://localhost/test")"mbus")

mbus.subscribe({signin: 1}, function(err, doc){
  // do stuff with doc

mbus.publish({signin: 1, ts:, moredata: {x:1}}, function(err){
  // published

mbus.create(channelName, {size: 10000000}, function(err, channel){
    // mongobus capped collection created for you

mbus.drop(channelName, function(err){
    // channelName collection dropped 

mbus.index({signin: 1}, options, function(err){
    // index created (uses Schema)


Mongobus uses an abstracted, flexible Schema for storing the data and associated metadata. So if you tried to insert {signin: 1, ts:} directly, it would not be detected by mbus.subscribe({signin:1}). Please use mbus.publish({siginin: 1, ts:}) instead.

Aggregations & Alerts have been removed until they can be properly ported from the other repos.