17 Packages by strml

  • ampersand-collection... A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with lodash methods.
  • backbone.queryrouter Trigger routes from multiple routers based on querystring parameters.
  • fluxxor-autobind AutoBind plugin for Fluxxor to help prevent spaghetti props wiring.
  • forward-emitter Forward events from any Node EventEmitter to another EventEmitter.
  • grunt-inline-templat... Compile inline JS templates in your build, instead of at runtime. Great for projects that want to avoid using the CSP header 'unsafe-eval'.
  • jsxhint Wrapper for JSHint to allow hinting of JSX files
  • keymirror A simple utility for creating an object with values equal to its keys. Identical to react/lib/keyMirror
  • mongoose-filter-deno... Simple collection filtering and denormalization.
  • react-addons Simple packaging of react addons to avoid fiddly 'react/addons' npm module.
  • react-grid-layout A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.
  • react-localstorage A mixin for automatically synchronizing a component's state with localStorage.
  • react-resizable A component that is resizable with handles.
  • react-router-compone... Declarative router component for React
  • storm-node Simple implementation of [storm-multilang protocol]( for nodeJS apps. Handles reading, emitting, acking, failing, and handshaking.
  • textfit A fast, jQuery-free text sizing component that quickly fits single and multi-line text to the width (and optionally height) of its container.
  • toobusy-js Don't fall over when your Node.JS server is too busy. Now without native dependencies!
  • xlsx-writestream Streaming XLSX writer. Forked from rubenv/node-xlsx-writer.