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    The Graylog CLI dashboard

    This is a Graylog stream dashboard that runs in your shell. It is meant to be a perfect companion for example when performing a release on the main monitor and having the dashboard on the second monitor to keep an eye on errors and exceptions on your platform.


    The most important library we use is blessed-contrib by Yaron Naveh. Great job on that!

    The dashboard should run on Linux and OSX. Please report any issues in the issue tracker.


    Install the dashboard: (You'll have to have node.js > 6.0 installed. Protip: It's in homebrew if you are on OSX.)

    $ npm install graylog-cli-dashboard -g

    View the options:

    $ graylog-dashboard --help
    Usage: graylog-dashboard.js <command> [options]
    Rest API Options:
      --server-url    (Deprecated; use api-host, path, port) Full Graylog API URL
      --api-host      Graylog API Hostname
      --api-port      Graylog API Port                               [default: 9000]
      --api-path      Graylog API Path                            [default: "/api/"]
      --api-protocol  Graylog API Protocol                        [default: "https"]
      --username      Graylog API Username
      --password      Graylog API Password
      --stream-title    Graylog Stream Title
      --poll-interval   How often (in ms) to poll the Graylog server [default: 1000]
      --cred-file-path  Path to an optional credentials file
                                   [default: "/Users/samuelreed/.graylog_dashboard"]
      --insecure        If set, will not verify leaf certificates.
      --help            Show help                                          [boolean]

    Full example:

    $ graylog-dashboard --stream-title "Production Webservers" --api-host

    Make sure to run this with a recent version (>= 4) of node.js.

    Credentials File

    If you wish, you may place a YAML file containing any of the above options at a path of your choosing. The default is ~/.graylog_dashboard. For example:

    username: lennart
    password: sEcReT
    api-path: /
    api-port: 12900

    If you do not provide this file, and do not provide required data via command options, you will be prompted.

    Specifying a Stream

    Choose one from the list on the right side of the screen, or specify a --stream-title in the command.

    If the graylog-dashboard executable cannot be found

    You must have the graylog-dashboard executable that gets installed by NPM in your PATH. This is usually the case after installing NPM in the first place but the output of npm install should show you where it was installed if you cannot find it:

    /usr/local/share/npm/bin/graylog-dashboard -> /usr/local/share/npm/lib/node_modules/graylog-cli-dashboard/graylog-dashboard.js
    # In this OSX example graylog-dashboard has been linked to the graylog-dashboard.js file in /usr/local/share/npm/...
    # Execute /usr/local/share/npm/bin/graylog-dashboard to try it out

    The Dashboard in the Wild

    Because this stuff looks like it is from space we suspect that people like to show it. Send us a photo of your dashboard running somewhere and we are more than happy to publish it here. Bonus points for messy desks or interesting stuff in the background.

    Working with NPM

    This is a few helpful notes for all of us who do not regularly work with the node/NPM ecosystem and can't remember how to do stuff.

    Bumping and releasing a new version

    $ make version [major | minor | patch]
    $ make publish




    npm i graylog-cli-dashboard

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