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    • produces ascii images/animations from 2D datasets [2d float arrays] - eg raw pixel data, histograms, signed distance functions etc - for use in CLI / terminal / console applications

      published 1.0.7851 3 months ago
    • give your computer a human name based on its mac address

      published 1.0.22 6 months ago
    • portable n-dimensional spatial database for JSON docs with vectors, combining mddf with leveldb

      published 0.0.27 6 months ago
    • Unofficial tool for interacting with Yahoo Japan's NGT Neighborhood Graph and Tree for Indexing High-dimensional Data

      published 0.0.583 6 months ago
    • n-dimensional spatial database for JSON docs with vectors, combining NGT vector search with leveldb

      published 0.0.113 6 months ago
    • shrink json objects with LZMA (7-zip) or Brotli compression + jsonpack

      published 0.0.124 5 months ago
    • similar to jsonfile, but with automatic jsonpack + lzma (7zip) compression+decompression

      published 0.0.113 5 months ago
    • get total download counts for a list of npm modules

      published 0.0.12 6 months ago
    • list of car / automobile makes and models 1992-2020

      published 0.0.142 6 months ago
    • information about 1 million species, common names for 80K species, icons and categories for species. animals, plants, bacteria, etc.

      published 0.0.12 6 months ago
    • frequencies of stemmed words based on norvig dataset

      published 0.0.123 6 months ago
    • measure the salience / importance of words in a text document -- based on the frequency of the words in the document, versus their frequency in English

      published 0.0.12 6 months ago
    • list of 10,000 companies based on mentions in LinkedIn (up to 2015)

      published 1.0.32 6 months ago
    • list of 182,447 words and phrases from OpenThesaurus

      published 1.0.3 6 months ago
    • convert/encode a float array as a hex string and back again.

      published 1.0.4 6 months ago
    • word2vec embeddings for the top 15,000 english words [300 dimensional]

      published 1.0.13 6 months ago
    • List of 40,000 brands based on amazon product listings

      published 1.0.32 6 months ago
    • return line segment representing the intersection between a pair of 3D triangles. based on Thomas Möller's algorithm.

      published 0.0.22 6 months ago
    • quickly get area of 3d triangle, using cross-product

      published 0.0.25 6 months ago
    • Signed distance function for arbitrary tetrahedron, suitable for marching cubes etc. Includes fast function to check if tetrahedron contains point.

      published 0.0.22 6 months ago
    • get barycentric coordinates for triangle and tetrahedron, convert to/from cartesian coordinates, interpolate vertex normals

      published 0.0.7 6 months ago
    • generate uniformly distributed random points in a 3d triangle

      published 0.0.13 6 months ago
    • request a list of urls, optionally load each result into jquery object

      published 0.0.232 10 days ago
    • recursively merge 3d axis-aligned bounding boxes / cuboids.

      published 0.0.12 6 months ago
    • Explore infinite 3d worlds from the comfort of your terminal

      published 0.0.153 4 days ago
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