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    • return the most salient / important words from a piece of text
    • or directly from a wordcounts object similar to what is returned by word-count-frequency
    • salience = word frequency / frequency in english * # word appearances - similar to tf-idf
    • based on frequencies from norvig-frequencies-stemmed


    npm i word-salience


    var ws = require('word-salience');
    //excerpt from "The Complete Book of Cheese, by Robert Carlton Brown"
    var theText = "Cheese market day in a town in the north of Holland. All the\n" +
        "cheese-fanciers are out, thumping the cannon-ball Edams and the\n" +
        "millstone Goudas with their bare red knuckles, plugging in with a\n" +
        "hollow steel tool for samples. In Holland the business of judging a\n" +
        "crumb of cheese has been taken with great seriousness for centuries.\n" +
        "The abracadabra is comparable to that of the wine-taster or\n" +
        "tea-taster. These Edamers have the trained ear of music-masters and,\n" +
        "merely by knuckle-rapping, can tell down to an air pocket left by a\n" +
        "gas bubble just how mature the interior is.\n" +
        "\n" +
        "The connoisseurs use gingerbread as a mouth-freshener; and I, too,\n" +
        "that sunny day among the Edams, kept my gingerbread handy and made my\n" +
        "way from one fine cheese to another, trying out generous plugs from\n" +
        "the heaped cannon balls that looked like the ammunition dump at\n" +
        "Antietam.\n" +
        "\n" +
        "I remember another market day, this time in Lucerne. All morning I\n" +
        "stocked up on good Schweizerkäse and better Gruyère. For lunch I had\n" +
        "cheese salad. All around me the farmers were rolling two-hundred-pound\n" +
        "Emmentalers, bigger than oxcart wheels. I sat in a little café,\n" +
        "absorbing cheese and cheese lore in equal quantities. I learned that a\n" +
        "prize cheese must be chock-full of equal-sized eyes, the gas holes\n" +
        "produced during fermentation. They must glisten like polished bar\n" +
        "glass. The cheese itself must be of a light, lemonish yellow. Its\n" +
        "flavor must be nutlike. (Nuts and Swiss cheese complement each other\n" +
        "as subtly as Gorgonzola and a ripe banana.) There are, I learned,\n" +
        "\"blind\" Swiss cheeses as well, but the million-eyed ones are better."
    //full params:
    var returnUnstemmedWords = true; //default true - return the words in their unstemmed format [the first unstemmed version encountered is the one returned]. note this is a "superficial" parameter -- all scoring is identical, only the labels are changed.
    var doPostMultiply = true; //default true - multiple word scores by number of word appearances
    console.log(ws.getSalientWords(theText, returnUnstemmedWords, doPostMultiply).slice(0,5));
    //returns list of words sorted by salience 
      [ 'Edams', 0.27351362035510285 ],
      [ 'taster', 0.07597600565419523 ],
      [ 'Cheese', 0.06048089923787909 ],
      [ 'gingerbread', 0.0467544650179663 ],
      [ 'fanciers', 0.03039040226167809 ]
    //stemmed [note that scores are identical]
      [ 'edam', 0.27357297182063456 ],
      [ 'taster', 0.07599249217239848 ],
      [ 'chees', 0.06049402337408037 ],
      [ 'gingerbread', 0.04676461056762983 ],
      [ 'fancier', 0.030396996868959397 ]
    //with post-multiply = false [post-multiply multiples score by number of word appearances, similar to TF-IDF]
      [ 'edam', 0.13407875855107848 ],
      [ 'taster', 0.0558661493962827 ],
      [ 'fancier', 0.04469291951702616 ],
      [ 'millston', 0.04469291951702616 ],
      [ 'gouda', 0.04469291951702616 ]
    //get the data as an object instead of array:
      Cheese: 0.06048089923787909,
      market: 0.00011119795924507169,
      day: 0.0001068245666126788,
      town: 0.00008512717720358008,
      north: 0.00004101268861225114,
      Holland: 0.0027134287733641153,
    //get salience from result of [npm word-count-frequency]
    //you must give it the unstemmed text if you want it to return unstemmed words. otherwise it returns the stemmed words.
    getSalientWordsObjectFromWordCount(wordCountResult, doReturnUnstemmed, unstemmedText, doPostMultiply);

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