15 Packages by stoney

  • animframe animframe =========
  • bodyguard Bodyguard =========
  • checkt Safe (chainable) type checks
  • eventmap Provides a mechanism to register events and call them at a later point in time
  • generator-lyria A generator for Yeoman
  • generator-pixi A generator for Yeoman
  • grunt-amd-tamer Tame your AMD modules
  • grunt-bower-commands Grunt tasks for bower commands
  • grunt-codo Grunt task for generating Codo documentation
  • grunt-commonjs-tamer Tame your CommonJS modules
  • grunt-lyria-assets Preparation of Lyria assets
  • lyria-template Lyria Project Template ====================== [![Build Status](]( [![Dependency Status](]( [![devDependency Status](](
  • mixedice Simple and reusable mixins
  • mixedice-lowfat Micro mixin library
  • udefine Define an UMD module like an AMD module and use it (almost) anywhere