11 Packages by sebpiq

  • audiobuffer An implementation of Web Audio API's AudioBuffer for node.js and the browser.
  • backbone.statemachin... Simple finite-state machine for Backbone. View states made easy. Synchronizing your application's parts with events made easy.
  • moscow Simple, reliable and well tested OSC servers and clients for node.js
  • pcm-boilerplate boilerplate for converting PCM byte data to arrays of JavaScript numbers
  • pd-fileutils A set of utilities for Pure Data files : parser, image generator.
  • rhizome-server Web server for participative art performances and installations.
  • validation-pod A minimal library for sync/async validation. Doesn't implement any validation primitives.
  • waaclock A comprehensive event scheduling tool for Web Audio API.
  • waaoffset An audio offset node for web audio API
  • waawhitenoise A simple white noise for web audio API
  • web-audio-api Node.js implementation of Web audio API