8 Packages by samuelgilman

  • chances A Node.js module to mange requesting a uri multiple times. Sometimes requested pages return a bad status code, timeout, or fail for some reason that would be resolved if the page was just requested again. Chances uses request to give a request multiple tr
  • fantest fantest =======
  • logz Logz is a simple, dependency free, Node.js module for logging.
  • moderate A Node.js module to manage concurrency of I/O intensive tasks.
  • neo4j-js-rest neo4j-js-rest ==============
  • node-pop node-pop is a Node.js worker that parallelizes processing a function that is io bound.
  • shurly Shurly is a simple, dependency free, Node.js module for ensuring indexes in MongoDb.
  • specter Specter is a Node.js wrapper for PhantomJS. PhantomJS is a headless browser which enables developers to load pages that rely on Javascript. Specter was made to easily access these dynamically and asynchronously created HTML pages using Node.js.