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A Node.js module to manage concurrency of I/O intensive tasks.

What is it

This module aims to help Node.js applications untilize their full non blocking potential when dealing with I/O intensive tasks. In applications with a large number of such tasks, management of the callback event handlers queue is required in order to prevent overloading. 'Moderate' helps adding callbacks to the queue at a non blocking pace, but with moderation to prevent overflows.


npp install moderate


See the documented test/example.js.


    mem: /* task member key */,
    ex: /* task estimated expiry time in msecs */

add receives a param object with two keys:

  1. mem: Task member key which is used to identify the task.
  2. ex: an estimate for the maximum time (in msecs) required to perform this task.
    Usefull for cases in which there is some I/O error, and the associated task event handler is never called. Then the task is automatically discarded, eventhough we did not properly inform 'Moderate' of its completion with del.

active {
    // decide if to continue with your task
    // based on the current number of active
    // tasks.

active receives a callback function as a parameter, and sends it the number of currently active tasks. The callback function then should decide, based upon that number, if to continue with the task.



del signals 'Moderate' that the task member mem is no longer active.