14 Packages by robskillington

  • bind-fast Replacement for native bind() which does not optimize well
  • callback-or-emit-err... Callback or emit an error when something is bad
  • clusto A clusto client library for Node.js.
  • doc Runtime documentation tool for REPL
  • jetstream Jetstream Sync server framework to sync local and remote models
  • maybe-callback Maybe call a callback if its a function
  • related-uuid Create a consistent UUID based off another UUID and a key
  • replr REPL remote access for Node apps/services with cluster and worker selection support
  • scribely Scribe producer and consumer
  • sjp Parse Splunk JSON export into native JSON for analysis with JQ or your own favorite JSON toolchain
  • uber-statsd-client Yet another client for Etsy's statsd
  • value-for-key Get a value from a key without breaking JSHint rules
  • zookeeper-robskillin... apache zookeeper client (zookeeper async API >= 3.4.0)
  • zookeeper-uber apache zookeeper client (zookeeper async API >= 3.4.0)